2015 Appellate Advocacy CLE - a Success!

Yesterday, April 8, 2015, Ted Lothstein and fellow appeals lawyer Doreen F. Connor of the Manchester, NH law firm Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer, PC served as co-chairs for the Appellate Advocacy CLE (Continuing Legal Education seminar) presented by the NH Bar Association's CLE Committee.

This CLE sold out the Bar Association's largest conference room and had many more attendees on the live webcast. Speakers included:

  • All Five Justices of the New Hampshire Supreme Court
  • Ted Lothstein, presenting a lecture on Criminal Appeals, Constitutional Law and Preservation of Issues for Appeal, and moderating a panel on Brief Writing
  • Lisa Wolford of the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office, presenting a lecture on Oral Argument
  • Doreen F. Connor, presenting a lecture on Motions Practice and moderating a Question and Answer session featuring all five Justices of the NH Supreme Court
  • Stephanie Hausman, of the New Hampshire Appellate Defender, presenting a lecture on Brief Writing and participating on other panels
  • Eileen Fox, the Clerk of the NH Supreme Court, and Timothy Dugas, the Deputy Clerk-Legal, presenting a lecture entitled Overview and Update on the NH Supreme Court.

It is unusual for a CLE, that is not part of a statewide Bar Association meeting, to sell out in this fashion. Lawyers who were not able to get a seat, will be able to view the CLE in the future at several scheduled Video Replay webcasts distributed through the Bar Association's website. I am very grateful to our excellent panel of speakers, to the live and webcast audience which participated through submission of many astute questions to the faculty, and to the Justices and Clerk of the NH Supreme Court, for making this CLE a great success!