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Sentence Reduction Under 3582c1A for Extraordinary and Compelling Reasons

U.S. v. Urkevich order, 03-cr-00037, Nebraska District Court, link to the order here: Urkevick order c1A Read More
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30 Days Deprivation of Liberty Not Enough for Assaulting Libertarian

The Court Ruling The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this week that a sentencing judge gave too lenient a sentence – 30 days in jail – to the man who assaulted the world’s most famous libertarian, Senator Rand Paul. Senator Paul&… Read More
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State Police Roadblock coming to Bedford this week

DWI ROADBLOCK COMING According to patch.com, the New Hampshire State Police, Troop B have announced they will run a roadblock “DWI checkpoint”) in the Bedford area this week. Usually, “this week” means Friday or Saturday eveni… Read More
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State Police Announce Memorial Day "Saturation Patrols"

Beware to those enjoying cookouts and BBQs in the Concord area this weekend! ‘Saturation Patrols’ The State Police announced five extra shifts for DUI Hunters this weekend, something they call “saturation patrols.” Sounds like… Read More
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Lothstein's First Degree Assault Jury Trial Results in Nine Not Guilty Verdicts

Earlier on this page, we reported that Ted Lothstein has been in a First Degree Assault jury trial all week in the Hillsborough County Superior Court-South in Nashua, representing Cyrinus Franklin “Frank” Morris. The Nashua Police and Hillsboroug… Read More
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1st Degree Assault Jury Trial in the News

Ted Lothstein’s role defending a Nashua man charged with First Degree Assault in a jury trial this week has been covered twice this week by the Nashua Telegraph. (The defense team, contrary to the article, did not include anybody named “D… Read More
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Our victory profiled in the New Republic magazine

The Victory on Appeal In October, I posted about our victory on appeal in the Afshar case, based on the misconduct of a biased juror. After a therapist was convicted by juror of assaulting a young patient in his office, he hired our firm, we conducte… Read More
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Shameful Text Message to Client Draws Censure

Well, this guy sure earned himself a spot in the 2018 Lawyer Soundbite Hall of Shame. Bet He Sure Wishes He Could Have That One Back… Frustrated with his client’s nonpayment of fee, lawyer told his client he wouldn’t work on the wee… Read More
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Victory on Appeal, and Dismissal, for Therapist Wrongfully Accused

In our most recent and perhaps our greatest victory, we won an appeal granting a new trial to a beloved and esteemed therapist wrongfully accused of sexual assault by a client. The Decision by the New Hampshire Supreme Court On October 12, 2018, the… Read More
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F-Bomb Yields S-Bomb--- Lawyer Suspended

Last week, a Connecticut Court issued an opinion suspending a lawyer from the practice of law for dropping the “F-Bomb” in Court. The lawyer was talking to her colleague, not realizing that her lapel mike was still on so the Judge could h… Read More
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