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NH Bar's Premiere DWI Litigation Seminar: Today

Today, Ted Lothstein will be the chairperson and a lecturer at a seminar presented by the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Committee of the New Hampshire Bar Association. The program is entitled: “Drunk Driving and Drugged Driving Litigation.&#… Read More
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Dept of Education Rescinds College Sexual Assault Regulations

The US Department of Education, led by Betsy Devos, announced today that it has reversed Obama-era directives regarding college campus sexual assault investigations. The Department of Education issued new temporary rules that allow and encourage, but… Read More
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DWI Roadblock Announced for Bow, NH

Yet Another DWI Roadblock The NH State Police have announced a so-called “DWI Checkpoint” for “the week of September 10, 2017.” Most of the time, the announcement of a DWI checkpoint during a week that begins with a Sunday, tu… Read More
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Rogue Cop-Bully in Utah Makes National Headlines

There is a rarely-used doctrine in constitutional law that says that a police officer violates a person’s constitutional rights if the officer’s conduct “shocks the conscience.” In other words, does something really, really ba… Read More
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Taxpayer-Funded DWI Roadblocks Come Up Empty

Waste of Taxpayer Dollars or Successful Deterrence? The Concord Monitor reported today that last week’s taxpayer-funded DWI Roadblock in Chichester, a joint effort between the State Police and Chichester Police, resulted in zero arrests. This… Read More
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DWI Roadblocks in Chichester this week

DWI ROADBLOCK ON ROUTE 4 or 28? If you would like to learn more about the criminal justice process from an insider’s view: drive on Route 4 or Route 28 this week with alcohol or drugs on board. Chichester Police and the NH State Police have ann… Read More
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NH Marijuana Decriminalization - Almost Here!

After many years of unsuccessful efforts by NH legislators who are Democrats, Republicans and Independents… the NH House and Senate have finally passed a marijuana possession decriminalization Bill that is now awaiting the Governor’s sign… Read More
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Manch Police Target Pot Smokers for Mass Detention

The Manchester Police have announced that a “sobriety checkpoint” will occur somewhere in the vicinity of the city on Thursday, April 20. Bring weed to Manch to celebrate 4/20 day, plan on losing your driver’s license for 60 days. O… Read More
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Client Freed from Prison - Motion for New Trial Granted

On March 28, 2017, the Hon. Justice Diane Nicolosi of the Merrimack County Superior Court granted the Motion for New Trial that we filed and litigated in a hearing on February 22, 2017 on behalf of Dr. Foad Afshar. The Court vacated Dr. Afshar’s c… Read More
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Federal Court Reverses Drug Convictions -Prosecutorial Misconduct

The Court’s Ruling On February 3d, 2017, the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston reversed felony drug convictions for conspiracy to smuggle cocaine from Puerto Rico to the continental United States, because of the prosecutor’s improp… Read More
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