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All 3 of our lawyers published in the Bar News last month

Last month, all 3 of the firm’s lawyers co-authored an article in the NH Bar News about defending alleged domestic violence cases. The article is available online, and appeared in the print edition of the Bar News which is mailed to every singl… Read More
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Picking a Lawyer? Choose Wisely...

In the last two weeks, the NH Supreme Court has issued two decisions that remind us of the importance of hiring a competent, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced lawyer in the first place. Why is it important? Because in many instances, if you choo… Read More
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1st Circuit "on a tear"...

Three Sentencing Reversals in One Day Yes, on August 16, 2021, the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston went “on a tear” …. tearing up the sentences imposed by lower court judges in three different cases. These decisions illustrat… Read More
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Another victory for Kaylee!

Attorney Kaylee Doty’s Winning Streak Kaylee Doty has had quite a run in stalking and restraining order hearings. Five such cases in 2021, only one resulted in a final Order, and for very specific reasons, client agreed not to contest that one.… Read More
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4th Consecutive Jury Trial Not Guilty on Domestic Violence Charges

Last week, on July 23, 2021, Richard Guerriero won a big victory for his client. After a trial in which both accuser and the accused took the stand, the jury found the accused NOT guilty of False Imprisonment, and NOT guilty of Simple Assault, the tw… Read More
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Victory on Appeal - Landmark Decision in Marital Case

Cutting-Edge Victory on Appeal! On April 1, 2021, we won a major victory in the NH Supreme Court that made the national news, receiving coverage in the ABA Journal, NH Public Radio, the Union Leader newspaper, and elsewhere. We even found our way int… Read More
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Appellate Decision of the Month - "Message Received!"

The Recent 101 Ocean Blvd v. Foy Decision In 101 Ocean Blvd v. Foy, decided on March 19, 2021, the New Hampshire Supreme Court addressed a frequently recurring appellate issue: An attorney that made an improper “send a message” argument to the ju… Read More
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Mass. Appeals Ct Suppresses Evidence from Pretextual Vehicle Stop

In Commonwealth v. Lek, the Massachusetts Appeals Court issued a major decision earlier this month that curtails the ability of the police to make pretextual stops, find a reason to arrest the driver, and then search his car. Surprise! – Pretex… Read More
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Drug Convictions Reversed due to Trial Judge's Biased Comments

The Case and Ruling In late December, in United States v. Raymundi-Hernandez, the 1st Circuit Court reversed not only Mr. Raymundi-Hernandez’s conviction for narcotics trafficking, but convictions of three other codefendants / alleged coconspir… Read More
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2020- Year in Review for the Criminal Justice System

The January 20, 2021 issue of the New Hampshire Bar News printed excerpts from an article that Kaylee Doty and I wrote, “The Criminal Justice System in 2020 – A Year Like No Other”. You can read the excerpted article in the newspape… Read More
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