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Reigning in the 'Community Caretaking' Doctrine

May 10, 2007. Reigning in the ‘Community Caretaking’ Doctrine. In an appeal briefed and argued by NH DWI defense lawyer Theodore Lothstein, the Court held that the stop of the defendant’s vehicle and all evidence derived therefrom &… Read More
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NH Supreme Court - Narrows Scope of Exclusionary Rule

04/22/2008. Court Narrows Scope of the Exclusionary Rule. State v. Joseph Panarello, No. 2007-554 (2008). This decision resolves a classic conundrum regarding the scope of the exclusionary rule. When the police violate someone’s constitutional… Read More
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NH Supreme Court - Drunk Driving Roadblocks Upheld

May 25, 2007. Drunk Driving: Secret Random Stops Upheld. Being a DWI Hunter is tough. You’ve got to hide in darkened parking lots across the street from bars, cruise the highway, and drive all over town, looking for a drunk driver… and ho… Read More
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