2d Circuit - District Division - Littleton Court

Is your case in the 2d Circuit – District Division – Littleton Court, commonly known as the Littleton District Court? This Court handles cases prosecuted by the Towns of Littleton, Monroe, Lyman, Lisbon, Franconia, Bethlehem, Sugar Hill, and Easton. The State Police also prosecute cases here.

This Court has jurisdiction to hear a full trial for misdemeanor cases, DWI cases and other motor vehicle cases. Felony cases would be filed in the Grafton County Superior Court in N. Haverhill, NH.

Ted Lothstein has represented a number of clients in Littleton District Court, including misdemeanor cases and DWI cases. Ted Lothstein has obtained not guilty findings or dismissals of several DWI and misdemeanor cases in the Littleton District Court after a full trial.

Littleton District Court Case Victories

Littleton District Court. Client faced a charge of class A misdemeanor Sexual Assault. If convicted, he would have to register as a sex offender for 10 years and face other criminal penalties. Attorney Lothstein secured a plea to an alternative charge, Simple Assault, helping Client avoid mandatory sex offender registration. Read More
In Littleton District Court, Client 1 charged with DWI-2d Offense, retains Ted Lothstein’s services. First, we win the ALS hearing on the merits (avoiding a consecutive 2-year license suspension). Then, at the time of trial, we secure a plea to a class B misdemeanor entitled “Reckless Conduct” which is not a motor vehicle offense – DWI-2d dismissed! This overall outcome saves Client 1 from a total five-year license revocation, mandatory jail time, mandatory 7-day residential program, and the mandatory ignition interlock program. Instead Client 1 receives no suspension of his driver’s license whatsoever! ALSO: Client 2 faces charge of felony DWI in Grafton County Superior Court. Attorney Lothstein secures a plea to a misdemeanor DWI offense. Result: Client 2 does not become a convicted felon, avoiding all the long-term stigma and civil disabilities associated with that status. Read More

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