8th Circuit-District Division-Jaffrey Court

The New Hampshire 8th Circuit - District Division - Jaffrey Court, commonly known as the Jaffrey-Peterborough District Court, is located in Jaffrey, Cheshire County, NH. This Court handles misdemeanor and violation cases brought by the following towns:Jaffrey, Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Rindge, Temple, Sharon, Greenville, Greenfield, Peterborough, Hancock, New Ipswich. The State Police also bring cases here, typically involving a motor vehicle stop or accident on Route 101.

All local violations and misdemeanors go through this Court, including:

When charged as a Class A misdemeanors, such crimes carry penalties of up to one year in the house of correction and/or a $2,000 fine. Even when the charge is not a Class A Misdemeanor, severe consequences may be imposed such as fines, “no contact” orders, loss of driver’s license, and court ordered treatment or programming (which can be very expensive). Ted Lothstein and Richard Guerriero have both appeared in this Court on many occasions.

When you face a criminal charge in district court it is important to obtain a criminal defense lawyer or DWI defense lawyer as soon as possible. Our firm is ready to assist you and we will respond promptly to inquiries through this site or by calls to our office.

Jaffrey-Peterborough District Court Case Victories

In Jaffrey-Peterborough Court, Client was charged with Underage DWI after she blew a .10 — five times the legal limit for a driver under 21 years old. She faced a mandatory one year license suspension. Attorney Lothstein filed a motion to suppress and, on the eve of trial, secured a plea to Negligent Operation and Unlawful Possession of Alcohol with a fine and a 90 day license loss. DWI dismissed! Read More
In Jaffrey-Peterborough District Court, Client, charged with “Underage DWI,” faces 18-month total license suspension. Attorney Lothstein secures plea to “Reckless Driving.” This reduces total license suspension by an entire year and the bottom line is this young person enters adulthood with no DWI conviction! Read More

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8th Circuit – District Division – Jaffrey
84 Peterborough St.
Jaffrey, NH 03452-0039

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