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Is your case in the 5th Circuit – District Division – Claremont Court, commonly known as the Claremont District Court? This Court handles cases prosecuted by the City of Claremont and the towns of Cornish, Unity, Charlestown, Acworth, Langdon, and Plainfield. The State Police also prosecute cases here.

This Court has jurisdiction to hear a full trial for misdemeanor cases, DWI cases and other motor vehicle cases. Felony cases can originate in this Court for arraignment and probable cause hearing. After the probable cause hearing, or at the time of grand jury indictment, a felony case would transfer to the Sullivan County Superior Court, which is in Newport.

The prosecutor for the Claremont Police Department, Attorney Anthony Shepherd, is both a prosecuting attorney with over two decades of experience and a police lieutenant. Since his arrival there in 2007, he has brought a high level of experience, diligence and professionalism to this position. When Lebanon Police were looking for a new prosecutor, press coverage pointed to Tony Shepherd as an example of a highly professional prosecutor in the region. If you’re going to go against Anthony Shepherd, you better be prepared!

Ted Lothstein and Richard Guerriero have litigated many cases brought in Claremont District Court, including misdemeanor cases, DWI cases, and felonies, which can originate in Claremont District Court but are transferred to the Sullivan County Superior Court upon probable cause finding or grand jury indictment. Richard Guerriero is more likely to appear here due in part to the proximity of this Court to his office in Keene.

Claremont District Court Case Victories

In Claremont District Court, Client, under arrest for DWI, submits to Intoxilyzer 5000EN breath test and blows a 0.15 breath test – just a hundred of a percent below the level for an Aggravated DWI! She hires Ted Lothstein, who finds infirmities in the breath testing procedure and secures a plea to Reckless Driving. Result: 0.15 breath test, no New Hampshire DWI conviction! Read More
In Claremont District Court, Client faced a charge of DWI, 2d Offense. Attorney Lothstein secured a plea to a reduced charge, DWI-1st Offense, which saved Client from mandatory jail and mandatory ignition interlock program, and cut his license loss down from 5 years to 1 year, an 80 percent reduction! Read More

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5th Circuit - District Division - Claremont
1 Police Court, Suite 2
Claremont, NH 03743

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