Franklin – 6th Circuit District Court

Is your case in the New Hampshire 6th Circuit District Division Franklin Court, also known as the Franklin District Court?

This Court is located in downtown Franklin, in Merrimack County. The Franklin Court handles cases brought by the police departments of these towns:

  • Northfield
  • Danbury
  • Andover
  • Boscawen
  • Salisbury
  • Town of Hill
  • Webster
  • Sanbornton
  • Tilton
  • Lochmere
  • Winnisquam

They also handle cases brought by:

  • the City of Franklin
  • the State Police
  • the Marine Patrol

Criminal and DWI defense attorney Ted Lothstein has appeared in this court frequently, often to handle a DWI or a drug case, but also for other misdemeanor offenses.

Each town employs a police or attorney prosecutor that frequently appears in Franklin District Court and they all “know the lay of the land.” Some of these towns employ prosecutors from the Merrimack County Attorney’s Office. Be prepared.

Franklin District Court Case Victories

Ted Lothstein has litigated many cases in the 6th Circuit – Franklin District Court. Here are just a few examples:

In Franklin District Court, Client, representing himself, attempted to plead no contest to aggravated DWI (based on a BAC, or breath alcohol concentration, of 0.19). When the judge told him about the mandatory jail time, however, he withdrew his plea and retained Ted Lothstein, a DUI lawyer in NH. By the time of trial, the State agreed to drop the aggravated DWI charge and allow Client to plead guilty to a lesser charge, DWI-first offense. This enabled Client to avoid mandatory jail time, a much longer license suspension, and the ignition interlock program! Read More
Franklin, NH Police arrested Client for DWI – with a .29 blood alcohol concentration (almost double the Aggravated limit and nearly four times the legal limit of .08). Nevertheless, Attorney Lothstein secured plea bargain in Franklin District Court where client pled guilty to DWI first offense. This prevented a conviction for Aggravated DWI and saved client from mandatory jail time and mandatory one year ignition interlock. Read More

See more Franklin District Court case victories

6th Circuit – District Division – Franklin
7 Hancock Terrace
Franklin, NH 03235-0172

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