Hillsborough County Superior Court-North

Is your case in the Hillsborough County Superior Court-North in Manchester, NH? In this Court, grand juries meet on a regular basis, and in secret, to bring indictments (charges) against defendants who are accused of committing felony level offenses anywhere in Hillsborough County, a large area of southern NH, which encompasses the cities and towns of Manchester, Hillsboro, Goffstown, Peterborough and Bedford, among many smaller towns. This Court is one of two Superior Courts that serve Hillsborough County.

After a grand jury indictment, the defendant is notified to appear for arraignment and a jury trial is scheduled. Additionally, defendants convicted of class A misdemeanors in any circuit court within Hillsborough County (specifically the areas that the Superior Court-North serves) can appeal for a jury trial on the misdemeanor charges in the Hillsborough County Superior Court-North.

Since September 1, 2017, the controversial "felonies first" law allows prosecutors to bypass the circuit court altogether and file felony charges, right from the date of arrest or conclusion of police investigation, in the Superior Court. This law already governs the prosecution of felony cases in Cheshire County, Strafford County, Belknap County, Grafton County, Coos County, Carroll County, and as of January 1, 2017, Merrimack County. This law takes away what was once a given in our State, the criminal defendant's right to a probable cause hearing to determine if the allegations are supported by any actual evidence.

Most cases here are prosecuted by the Hillsborough County Attorney's Office, located in Manchester, NH. This is a very professional office staffed by, in our experience, very competent, experienced and seasoned professional prosecutors. Do not face them with an attorney who has little criminal defense experience and/or who has not tried at least 5-10 jury trials. The outcome won't be pretty.

Additionally, homicide cases, and certain other types of serious felonies, are prosecuted here by prosecutors from the Attorney General's Office.

On this page, you can see which Judges are assigned to preside in this Court in any given month. Usually, Hons. Kenneth C. Brown, Gillian L. Abramson, John C. Kissinger, Jr., and Amy Messer preside over hearings and trials in the Hillsborough County Superior Court-North.

Hillsborough Superior Court Case Victories

Hillsborough North Superior Court. Prosecution drops felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute charge against Client, allows her to plead to misdemeanor. Client serves no jail time, no probation. Read More
Hillsborough Superior Court (North). Client faced charges of conspiracy to commit burglary, and burglary of a residential home, in a case where one of the co-conspirators directed her actions by telephone from his home – the New Hampshire State Prison. Represented by Ted Lothstein, Client secured an agreement where she was allowed to plead guilty only to misdemeanors alleging criminal trespass, and she served no jail time. She avoided the stigma and collateral consequences – including lifetime gun ownership prohibition – of becoming a convicted felon. Read More

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