Keene – 8th Circuit District Court

The New Hampshire 8th Circuit’s District Division court in Keene is commonly known as “Keene District Court.”Attorney Richard Guerriero, partner of Lothstein Guerriero, PLLC is a Keene lawyer – he works out of an office in Keene, just steps away from the Keene District Court.

Keene District Court serves all of southwest New Hampshire, including Keene and surrounding towns. All local violations and misdemeanors go through this court. This includes charges such as:

When charged as a Class A misdemeanors, such crimes carry penalties of up to one year in the house of correction and/or a $2,000 fine. Even when the charge is not a Class A Misdemeanor, severe consequences may be imposed such as fines, “no contact” orders, loss of driver’s license, and court ordered treatment or programming (which can be very expensive). If you find yourself appearing before the judge in Keene, lawyer up and be prepared.

Our firm has extensive experience handling cases in Keene District Court. Keene is Richard Guerriero’s "home court" and he has practiced in Keene District Court since 1994. He knows the prosecutors, judges, and other local officials. Richard Guerriero has successfully handled cases of all types in Keene District Court, from violations to felonies. When you face a criminal charge in district court it is important to obtain a Keene lawyer as soon as possible. Our firm is ready to assist you and we will respond promptly to inquiries through this site or by calls to our office.

Keene District Court Case Victories

In Keene District Court, Client faced a DWI-2d charge. Conviction would have meant up to a 5-year license loss, mandatory jail time, and the ignition interlock program. Ted Lothstein persuaded the prosecutor to take a second look at the case. The result? The State dropped the DWI-2d charge, instead allowing Client to plead guilty to reckless driving, with an 8-month license loss – no criminal conviction, no jail, no 5-year license loss, no ignition interlock. Read More

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