Manchester – 9th Circuit District Division

The New Hampshire 9th Circuit - District Division - Manchester Court, commonly known as the Manchester District Court, is located just 18 minutes away from our Concord office. This Court handles misdemeanor and violation cases brought by the following police departments: the Manchester Police Department, and the State Police. Unlike all other district courts in NH, this Court's jurisdiction covers only one municipality, Manchester, with all surrounding small towns feeding into other area district courts.

All local violations and misdemeanors go through this Court, including:

When charged as a Class A misdemeanors, such crimes carry penalties of up to one year in the house of correction and/or a $2,000 fine. Even when the charge is not a Class A Misdemeanor, severe consequences may be imposed such as fines, “no contact” orders, loss of driver’s license, and court ordered treatment or programming (which can be very expensive).

The Manchester Police prosecute the majority of cases brought in this Court, with the attorney prosecutors of the Manchester City Solicitor's Office handling the case after arraignment (first appearance). A separate prosecuting attorney works for the State Police and prosecutes some of their cases, including DWI cases, in the Manchester District Court. State Police tend to make arrests on the highways that pass through Manchester - Route 93, Route 293 / Everett Turnpike, and Route 101.

Our firm has extensive experience handling cases in Manchester District Court, including DUI/DWI cases, drug cases, theft cases, and serious felony cases that began in that Court and moved on to the Hillsborough Superior Court. When you face a criminal charge in district court it is important to obtain a criminal defense lawyer or DWI defense lawyer as soon as possible. Our firm is ready to assist you and we will respond promptly to inquiries through this site or by calls to our office.

Manchester District Court Case Victories

Manchester District Court. Teenage client faced charge of Reckless Operation, a major motor vehicle offense that carries a mandatory 60 day loss of license. On eve of trial, Attorney Lothstein secures plea to a lane violation, a minor motor vehicle infraction (like a speeding ticket), with a 10 day loss of license. Read More
Manchester District Court. Client faced a class A misdemeanor charge of Driving after License Suspended for DWI Conviction. Client’s license had been revoked just two months prior for a DWI conviction, causing him to face this charge that carries a mandatory jail sentence and a mandatory one year license revocation upon conviction. Attorney Lothstein persuaded the prosecutor to give Client a “deferred prosecution” – an opportunity to do community service and thereby avoid conviction, jail and license revocation. Read More

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9th Circuit - District Division - Manchester
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