Plymouth – 2d Circuit District Court

Is your case in the New Hampshire 2d Circuit – District Division – Plymouth Court, commonly known as the Plymouth District Court? This Court handles cases prosecuted by the Town of Plymouth, and by the Plymouth State Police Department, as well as cases prosecuted by these area towns: Bristol, Groton, Wentworth, Rumney, Ellsworth, Thornton, Campton, Ashland, Hebron, Holderness, Bridgewater, Alexandria, Lincoln, Waterville Valley, Woodstock portions of the towns of Livermore and Waterville.

The State Police also prosecute many cases here, because Route 93 runs right by Plymouth and alongside or through several of those towns.

Attorney Ted Lothstein has litigated many cases brought in Plymouth District Court. Many people who live in Massachusetts or southern NH have second homes within the jurisdiction of this Court, or go skiing or hiking or vacationing in this region. Unfortunately, some of them become Ted’s clients. Additionally, Ted taught as an Adjunct Professor in the Criminal Justice department at Plymouth State University, made a number of professional connections and friends during that time, and receives referrals from people in the University community on a regular basis as a result of those ties.

Plymouth District Court Case Victories

Client, charged in Plymouth District Court with DWI, was arrested at a Holderness, NH “sobriety checkpoint” (roadblock). At trial, Attorney Lothstein argued that all evidence should be suppressed because a state trooper violated driver’s constitutional rights during the investigation. The Judge agreed, and granted the motion to suppress — case dismissed! Read More
In Plymouth District Court, After unsuccessful ALS hearing that resulted in 6 month license revocation — in a difficult case with a 0.13 breath test — State agreed to vacate that suspension in exchange for Client’s guilty plea to New Hampshire DUI and a minimum 90-day license suspension. Thus, Client blew a breath test well over the legal limit, and was able to have her lawyer conduct a full cross-examination of the arresting officer in an administrative hearing, but still was able to receive the minimum consequence for DWI available under law. Read More

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