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Lothstein's First Degree Assault Jury Trial Results in Nine Not Guilty Verdicts

Earlier on this page, we reported that Ted Lothstein has been in a First Degree Assault jury trial all week in the Hillsborough County Superior Court-South in Nashua, representing Cyrinus Franklin “Frank” Morris. The Nashua Police and Hillsboroug… Read More
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1st Degree Assault Jury Trial in the News

Ted Lothstein’s role defending a Nashua man charged with First Degree Assault in a jury trial this week has been covered twice this week by the Nashua Telegraph. (The defense team, contrary to the article, did not include anybody named “D… Read More
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Victory on Appeal, and Dismissal, for Therapist Wrongfully Accused

In our most recent and perhaps our greatest victory, we won an appeal granting a new trial to a beloved and esteemed therapist wrongfully accused of sexual assault by a client.  The Decision by the New Hampshire Supreme Court On October 12, 2018, th… Read More
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Plymouth State's Contempt for Free Speech Rights Now National News

PSU’S SHAME A while back on this page, I wrote about the disgraceful actions of Plymouth State University in shaming and punishing faculty members for exercising their fundamental constitutional right to freedom of speech, freedom of thought, a… Read More
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NH ACLU - Public Employee Free Speech Rights Violated

As reported in the Concord Monitor today, the NH ACLU has issued a press release criticizing Plymouth State University and Newfound Regional High School for punishing public employees that supported a professional colleague in a criminal sentencing h… Read More
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4th Amendment Protects Unauthorized Driver of Rental Car

On May 14, 2018, the United States Supreme Court unanimously held that the 4th Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures protects the driver of a rental car, even if the driver was not listed as an authorized driver on the rental agr… Read More
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1st Circuit Reverses Felony Convictions - Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Overview – Important Federal Circuit Decision On January 9, 2018, the 1st Circuit issued an important decision for the criminal justice system, and for Eber Rivera, who may have been wrongfully convicted of Armed Assault with Intent to Murder a… Read More
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20 Years in Prison for DWI?

Texas Repeat Offenders Need Uber An ABC television affiliate in Upshur County, Texas reports this week that a 53-year old man was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his 4th DWI. Yes, 20 years in prison for a DWI that did not involve a traffic accide… Read More
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NH Supreme Court oral argument coverage

Last week, Richard Guerriero was before the New Hampshire Supreme Court, presenting oral argument in an appeal from a jury’s guilty verdicts of reckless second degree murder, assault by prisoner and falsifying physical evidence. You can click t… Read More
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Three Day Jury Trial Ends in Not Guilty Verdicts on all Counts.

Ted Lothstein Wins Not Guilty Verdicts We are thrilled to report that on Wednesday, April 13, 2016, as published in this morning’s Monadnock Ledger newspaper, Jess Burt was found not guilty by jury of all charges pending against her.  Backgr… Read More
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