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Landmark Racial Profiling Decision from MA Supreme Judicial Court

Yesterday, September 17, 2020, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (highest court in MA) released a landmark decision that enables victims of racial profiling to hold police officers accountable in court by suppressing evidence obtained as a res… Read More
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Sentence Reduction Under 3582c1A for Extraordinary and Compelling Reasons

U.S. v. Urkevich order, 03-cr-00037, Nebraska District Court, link to the order here: Urkevick order c1A Read More
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1st Degree Assault Jury Trial in the News

Ted Lothstein’s role defending a Nashua man charged with First Degree Assault in a jury trial this week has been covered twice this week by the Nashua Telegraph. (The defense team, contrary to the article, did not include anybody named “D… Read More
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Our victory profiled in the New Republic magazine

The Victory on Appeal In October, I posted about our victory on appeal in the Afshar case, based on the misconduct of a biased juror. After a therapist was convicted by juror of assaulting a young patient in his office, he hired our firm, we conducte… Read More
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1st Circuit Reverses Felony Convictions - Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Overview – Important Federal Circuit Decision On January 9, 2018, the 1st Circuit issued an important decision for the criminal justice system, and for Eber Rivera, who may have been wrongfully convicted of Armed Assault with Intent to Murder a… Read More
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Dept of Education Rescinds College Sexual Assault Regulations

The US Department of Education, led by Betsy Devos, announced today that it has reversed Obama-era directives regarding college campus sexual assault investigations. The Department of Education issued new temporary rules that allow and encourage, but… Read More
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NH Marijuana Decriminalization - Almost Here!

After many years of unsuccessful efforts by NH legislators who are Democrats, Republicans and Independents… the NH House and Senate have finally passed a marijuana possession decriminalization Bill that is now awaiting the Governor’s sign… Read More
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Client Freed from Prison - Motion for New Trial Granted

On March 28, 2017, the Hon. Justice Diane Nicolosi of the Merrimack County Superior Court granted the Motion for New Trial that we filed and litigated in a hearing on February 22, 2017 on behalf of Dr. Foad Afshar. The Court vacated Dr. Afshar’s co… Read More
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Nuts and Bolts of Criminal Law-coming soon

On Friday, September 23, 2016, Ted Lothstein and Deputy Rockingham County Attorney Patricia LaFrance will be the Co-Chairs and faculty for a Continuing Legal Education seminar sponsored by the New Hampshire Bar Association: The Nuts and Bolts of Crim… Read More
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Three Day Jury Trial Ends in Not Guilty Verdicts on all Counts.

Ted Lothstein Wins Not Guilty Verdicts We are thrilled to report that on Wednesday, April 13, 2016, as published in this morning’s Monadnock Ledger newspaper, Jess Burt was found not guilty by jury of all charges pending against her. Background… Read More
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