DWI Roadblocks ("Sobriety Checkpoints") coming to Portsmouth, NH this weekend

Thinking about meeting up with friends or family in Portsmouth for dinner and drinks this weekend?

Better get a designated driver, or find a new venue. According to Foster's Daily Democrat, Portsmouth's police chief has announced that so-called sobriety checkpoints are coming this weekend (May 17-19).

Drunk driving roadblocks, AKA sobriety checkpoints, allow the police to set up a roadblock and stop vehicles without observing any traffic violation, and without having reason to suspect impaired driving.

If you get stopped and take a breath test, the police can prosecute you for having a blood alcohol concentration of as little as .04... or .02 for under-21 drivers. That's one glass of wine for many individuals. If you refuse a post-arrest breath or blood test, you will lose your license for at least 6 months.

If you Don't get caught in that driftnet! - Ted Lothstein