Concord, NH Police Dept Announces DWI ("Sobriety") Checkpoints July 2013

The Concord Police Department has issued a press release, announcing that the Concord Police Department and the "Merrimack County DUI Task Force" will conduct a "Sobriety Checkpoint" starting as soon as this Monday - "during the week of July 21-27, 2013."

This weeklong range is only a range of dates. It is likely that the actual Checkpoint will be run over a smaller period of time. This is a way to keep you guessing.

The press release reveals - no surprise here - that "federal highway safety funds" are used to help pay for this nostalgic reminder of what life was like in East Germany before the Berlin Wall came down (except that East Germany probably did not fund its checkpoints with deficit spending). Yes, the DWI Industrial Complex continues to grow.

Interestingly, the provided list towns that chose to be members of the "Merrimack County DUI Task Force" do not include the towns directly north of Concord (Penacook), West of Concord (Hopkinton/Contoocook), or South of Concord (Bow). Perhaps this is a clue as to where the DWI Roadblock will be erected - or perhaps not.

Nobody should ever drive under the influence, regardless of when and where DWI roadblocks may be found. However, I post these warnings because during DWI roadblocks, innocent people are more likely to be arrested. That is because when the police stop people randomly, they do not have the benefit of actually observing impaired operation (all over the road, etc) prior to the stop and have to make their arrest decision upon less information.

To read more about DWI Roadblocks, click here. - Ted Lothstein