DWI Roadblocks this Week: Manchester and Portsmouth

DWI Roadblocks Across the State

This week, the State Police have got you coming and going.

Going out for dinner and drinks in Manchester this weekend? Or, headed up to the Lakes Region for boating, or the White Mountains for hiking and camping, from Massachusetts or southern NH? We've got a Roadblock for that.

Headed to Portsmouth for the nightlife or through Portsmouth to get to the beaches? We've got a Roadblock for that.

DWI Roadblock Portsmouth Week of June 10

The Portsmouth Police Department has announced that they will run a DWI Roadblock sometime this week in Portsmouth, during the height of summer tourism. Going out drinking in Portsmouth any night (or day!) this week? Make sure you call a cab or download that Uber app!

DWI Roadblock in or around Manchester July 15 Weekend

Meanwhile, the State Police and Manchester Police Department have announced they will run a DWI Roadblock somewhere in the Queen City, sometime during the weekend of July 15. Best bets are in the evening on Friday or Saturday, blocking traffic either on Route 93 or Route 293, although the governing law does not require law enforcement to tell us exactly where, or when, they will be invading our privacy by making arbitrary vehicle stops.

By the way, they like to refer to these using the euphemism "Checkpoints", rather than "roadblocks." Considering the fact that the concept of a roadside "checkpoint" evokes memories of the Berlin Wall, eastern Europe during the Soviet era, and the Iraq wars... not sure their bureaucratic-speak really accomplishes what a euphemism is supposed to accomplish!

Read more about litigating DWI Roadblocks, Checkpoints, etc. here.

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