DWI Roadblocks Coming to Sunapee/Newport Area

Yet Another DWI Roadblock

The New Hampshire State Police have announced that, in coordination with local police agencies, they will conduct a roadblock "in the near future" in the Sunapee and Newport region. This is an area where tourists, vacationers and people with weekend getaways congregate, to enjoy boating on Lake Sunapee, hiking, and other fun summer activities. "In the near future" probably means the weekend of July 22-24, 2016, or perhaps the following weekend. Police tend to refer to DWI Roadblocks by the euphemism, "DWI Checkpoint," evoking heart-warming images of checkpoints in Iraq, or in Eastern Europe during the Soviet era.

Operation Tourist-Take-Down

This roadblock fits a pattern all summer long, of the State Police and local police targeting tourists visiting NH for DWI roadblocks. I guess that in NH, the tourist "welcome wagon" is a prisoner transport van headed straight to the local county jail.

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-- Ted Lothstein

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