DWI Checkpoint Alert-Seabrook Labor Day Weekend

Once again, the NH State Police are welcoming tourists to NH with blue lights, road blocks, suspicion-less detentions, warrantless arrests, and the prospect of spending most of Labor Day Weekend in a jail cell in Brentwood, NH.

Tourists Targeted for DWI Interdiction

Last Thursday, the State Police announced that they will run a DWI Checkpoint in Seabrook, "sometime next week." The vast majority of the time, when NH authorities warn of a DWI checkpoint in the coming week, the checkpoint is run on a Saturday night, but in this case, its Labor Day Weekend so it could be Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening.

Of course, Seabrook is the gateway to NH's beaches for people traveling up from Massachusetts, or tourists traveling from NH and Maine back home to Massachusetts, so this checkpoint seems aimed squarely at visitors to our State.

Labor Day - Celebrate by Serving Time at Hard Labor?

So, this Labor Day Weekend, use a designated driver, taxi or Uber, or you may find yourself celebrating "Labor Day" by working many over-time hours in September and beyond to pay for the many thousands of dollars in costs associated with a DWI arrest..... -- Ted Lothstein

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