Don't Let Trooper Grinch Steal Christmas

Checkpoint Tomorrow Near Nashua

The Massachusetts State Police announced that they will run a checkpoint somewhere in Middlesex County on Friday evening, December 16, 2016, going into Saturday early morning hours.

They have promised that the motor vehicle stops won't be arbitrary - but the very nature of a checkpoint is to make arbitrary stops of hundreds of innocent motorists who are simply trying to get to work, to a friend's house, to a movie, coming home from a restaurant, etc.

(The promise to not make "arbitrary" stops simply means that they will use a pre-configured system such as stopping every 3rd car when there is low traffic volume and every 10th car when there is high traffic volume, rather than stopping vehicles on one trooper's personal whims).

Celebrate the Season Safely

So on Friday evening, follow your usual rules and don't drive under the influence. Use a designated driver, taxi or Uber/Lyft if you are going out for the evening and planning on enjoying some "holiday cheer." This is the season for office parties, Christmas parties at friends' houses, and celebrations out with visiting family and friends, when the alcoholic beverages tend to flow more freely than the rest of the year. Enjoy and celebrate the season safely!

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