Taxpayer-Funded DWI Roadblocks Come Up Empty

Waste of Taxpayer Dollars or Successful Deterrence?

The Concord Monitor reported today that last week's taxpayer-funded DWI Roadblock in Chichester, a joint effort between the State Police and Chichester Police, resulted in zero arrests. This could be spun two different ways:

  1. The roadblock was a waste of taxpayer money that needlessly diverted law enforcement resources from more pressing needs and inconvenienced hundreds of innocent motorists and their passengers. We know it was a waste of money and needless inconvenience to the innocent, because there were zero arrests. OR
  2. The roadblock was a smashing success because advance publicity of the roadblock deterred people from driving drunk. We know it deterred them, because there were zero arrests!

We Warned You About This One - Thanks for Listening!

If #2 is the answer, perhaps our firm gets a tiny bit of the credit. In our blog, we warned our clients and others about this roadblock. And we will continue to do that in the future. We are trying to build a business that does not rely on repeat customers. Unlike all other businesses in this country, we would be happy to never see a former client again! Because having a good lawyer is a good thing, but not needing a lawyer at all is a great thing.

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-- Ted