State Police Announce Memorial Day "Saturation Patrols"

Beware to those enjoying cookouts and BBQs in the Concord area this weekend!

'Saturation Patrols'

The State Police announced five extra shifts for DUI Hunters this weekend, something they call "saturation patrols."

Sounds like the taxpayers are going to be saturating trooper's checking accounts with some extra holiday dough this weekend.

But that's OK. For three reasons.

State Police Admit Epic Fail

First of all, in the article, the troopers acknowledge that they haven't used a DWI roadblock around this area for 2 years. Because they don't work. Interestingly, they give some credit to social media, which may have motivated people to get a ride or stay home. Long-time readers of this page know that we have been part of that social media ecosystem for years, warning readers about upcoming DWI roadblocks.

Second, troopers have a difficult and dangerous job, and deserve those opportunities to earn overtime or extra pay on holiday weekends.

And third, saturation patrols, unlike DWI Roadblocks, respect your constitutional rights because they can only stop a car based on reasonable suspicion of a traffic violation or crime such as DWI. Plus, saturation patrols are a much more efficient way to find drunk or drugged drivers on the highways.

So this weekend, please be careful if you are enjoying drinks with family or friends. The saturation patrol is out there. Hopefully, the word will get out, people will make good decisions, and these troopers will find themselves saturated with boredom during their holiday shifts!

- Ted

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