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NH House Committee Vote: Ban DUI Roadblocks

Committee: Ban Roadblocks A NH House Committee voted 12-8 in favor of recommending passage of a Bill that would ban all so-called “DWI Checkpoints” – also known as DUI Roadblocks — in New Hampshire. Inefficient and Costly Cove… Read More
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NH Bar's Premiere DWI Litigation Seminar: Today

Today, Ted Lothstein will be the chairperson and a lecturer at a seminar presented by the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Committee of the New Hampshire Bar Association. The program is entitled: “Drunk Driving and Drugged Driving Litigation.&#… Read More
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20 Years in Prison for DWI?

Texas Repeat Offenders Need Uber An ABC television affiliate in Upshur County, Texas reports this week that a 53-year old man was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his 4th DWI. Yes, 20 years in prison for a DWI that did not involve a traffic accide… Read More
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Limited License Law Ruined by DMV (AGAIN)

The “limited license” law, which most people call a hardship license or work permit, has been on the books for less than a year. I hope that a good Bill to amend our limited license law starts working through the legislature. The law has… Read More
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CA Police Test First Marijuana Breathalyzer

CA Police Go to the Dogs with Hound Labs According to a press release from a company called Hound Labs, police in California have field tested the very first breathalyzer designed to detect THC from both smoked marijuana, and so-called “edibles… Read More
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Legislature Undermines Critical DWI Reform

Just six months ago, the legislature made effective a critical new law that allows first-time DWI offenders to obtain a limited license for part of their minimum period of license suspension. We put up a whole page on our website to educate people ab… Read More
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Legislature Eliminates Captured Sample Requirement

The Governor has signed Senate Bill 379, which eliminates the long-standing requirement that Intoxilyzer breath testing machines in police departments capture a preserved sample of the subject’s breath. For decades, our clients have sent these… Read More
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7 Arrested During Bike Week Roadblock

On this page on June 10, 2016, we warned our readers that the State Police would target bikers and other tourists visiting NH by conducting a DWI “Checkpoint” or Roadblock in New Hampton during bike week. According to the Concord Patch we… Read More
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State Police Announce 'Operation Arrest Dad'

Dads Beware! June 19 is Father’s Day, right? Well, dad would be well advised to forgo traditional Father’s Day activities such as enjoying a couple beers on the golf course or at a BBQ at Fort Foster, Newcastle Beach, etc. ,,, because Tro… Read More
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DWI Roadblock Targets Bike Week

The State Police have announced that they have obtained authorization for a so-called “Sobriety Checkpoint” – a dragnet used to detect impaired drivers that often results in arrests for other crimes such as drug possession or drivin… Read More
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