Driving Offenses (other than DWI)

Many of our clients face charges for driving offenses such as

Why Hire a Lawyer for a Driving Offense?

1. The Law may be Different, and More Protective, than you Think.

Here's a common example in our practice. A 2016 New Hampshire Supreme Court decision holds that in a prosecution for operating with a suspended license, even if the charge is a non-criminal violation, the State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the driver knew she was under suspension. Proof that the driver actually was under suspension is not enough to prove guilt. Proof of written notice of suspension to last known address is not sufficient.

2. Collateral Consequences

Often, we are contacted by people who have pled guilty to a driving offense on their own, only to find themselves facing an unexpected and potentially catastrophic "collateral consequence" of the conviction such as:

We appear frequently at the Department of Safety for administrative hearings concerning these collateral consequences.