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If I’ve Been Charged with DWI in New Hampshire Will I Be Convicted?

Many people assume that when they receive a DWI charge, they have very little hope of winning their case. In this video, Ted Lothstein explains why DWI charges in New Hampshire don’t always lead to convictions.

What You Need to Know

The drunk driving attorneys at Lothstein Guerriero, PLLC have extensive experience with NH DWI & DUI cases. If you’ve been cited for drunk driving in New Hampshire, here’s what you need to know:

  • If you are convicted of a DWI / DUI, you face the prospect of a lengthy loss of your license or right to operate in NH – months or even years without a driver’s license.
  • You face legal time deadlines that can hurt your case if you don’t act quickly enough.
  • However, contrary to popular conceptions, many people are found not guilty of NH DWI/DUI offenses and DWI charges are often dismissed as the result of litigation or negotiated pleas.
  • Our office often obtains case outcomes that involve the dismissal of DWI charges and plea to a less serious motor vehicle offense.
  • With the aid of a skilled and experienced New Hampshire DWI lawyer, many people can substantially lessen the impact of a DWI arrest on their lives.
  • For over 15 years, we have provided trainings to hundreds of lawyers - defense lawyers and prosecutors - in the art and science of DWI defense. Read more about our trainings.
  • You can obtain a free initial consultation of your NH DWI / DUI case from Lothstein Guerriero – our offices are in Concord and Keene, NH.
  • At that initial meeting we will:
    • Obtain the facts from you;
    • Discuss the relevant drunk driving law with you;
    • Evaluate your prospects for success frankly and truthfully;
    • Answer any questions you may have; and
    • Discuss with you the legal fees that you will be charged if you decide to
      retain our services.

Featured DWI Victories

Client faces 6-month administrative license suspension for blood test over the legal limit – Attorney Lothstein prevails in hearing. No license suspension. Read More
Client faces DWI-2d offense in Goffstown Circuit Court, with blood alcohol level over the aggravated DWI limit (0.16). Attorney Lothstein negotiates plea to DWI-1st offense, Client is saved from mandatory jail, mandatory 3 year license loss, mandatory ignition interlock. Read More
Client, facing DWI prosecution in Concord Circuit Court, retains Attorney Lothstein and goes to trial. Outcome after trial: NOT GUILTY of DWI, guilty of transporting alcoholic beverages in motor vehicle. Read More

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Attorneys:  Kaylee Doty

New Hampshire DWI Defense Lawyers With a Proven Track Record

Ted Lothstein, DWI Defender

Ted Lothstein has over 20 years' experience defending all levels of DWI and has trained hundreds of DWI defense lawyers. He has been recognized as a Top DUI Attorney. Read More

DWI - 1st Offense (Under Age 21)

Drivers under 21 years old who face DWI charges in NH face a number of special considerations. Lower Standards of Proof in BAC Cases First, in terms of the government’s obligation to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt: If the person is charg… Read More

DWI - 2nd Offense

Are you charged with, or potentially facing charges for, a 2d offense DWI? “2d offense DWI” sounds simple, but its not. The law governing these charges is very complex. 10-year Look Back First, New Hampshire has a 10-year look-back window… Read More

Aggravated DWI - Misdemeanor

Aggravated DWI is a more serious form of 1st offense DWI where there is an aggravating factor. The aggravating factor elevates the serious of the offense from a class B misdemeanor to a class A misdemeanor. That is a huge difference. For a class B mi… Read More

Aggravated DWI - Felony (Accident with Injury Resulting)

There are two types of Aggravated DWI in NH: Class A misdemeanor Aggravated DWI Class B Felony Aggravated DWI Definition – Elements of the Offense If the aggravating factor is a vehicle collision that results in serious bodily injury to any per… Read More

DWI Penalties

This page provides a starting point to answer that question. However, keep things in perspective: contrary to popular belief, many people — particularly those represented by highly-experienced and skilled DWI defense lawyers — are found not guilt… Read More

Administrative License Suspension (ALS)

Almost all DWI cases in New Hampshire involve two separate proceedings: Prosecution for a criminal case in Court An Administrative License Suspension (ALS) proceeding in the Department of Safety Each of these proceedings jeopardizes your right to dri… Read More
Attorneys: Kaylee Doty

Motor Vehicle Hearings

Lothstein Guerriero, PLLC’s attorneys routinely handle several types of motor vehicle hearings at the Department of Safety, Bureau of Hearings in Concord, NH. Some hearings may also be held at a “substation” such as the DMV office at Dover… Read More