New Hampshire DWI Resource Center

The laws, court procedures, administrative license suspension procedures, and defenses that can be employed against a NH DWI prosecution have become more complex, more difficult to master, and more subject to change, than any other area of the criminal law in this State.

Ted Lothstein has been compiling resources and treatises on the law, science and strategy of DUI/DWI Defense for 26 years.

We thought it would be helpful to create a NH DWI Resource Center that makes many of our resources available for clients, potential clients, and the public, into one easy to use reference.

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General Information about NH DWI Law

What to Expect if You are Charged with DWI in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Drunk Driving Laws

NH DWI - What does the Government have to Prove?

Administrative License Suspension

NH DWI Penalties

Collateral Consequences of DWI Convictions

Commercial Driver's Licenses

Illegal Traffic Stops

DWI Checkpoints


Restricted Licenses

RIP Intoxilyzer 5000EN (No longer in use in NH)

Information for Residents of Other States Charged with DWI in NH

Featured New Hampshire DWI Victories

Client faces 6-month administrative license suspension for blood test over the legal limit – Attorney Lothstein prevails in hearing. No license suspension. Read More
Client faces DWI-2d offense in Goffstown Circuit Court, with blood alcohol level over the aggravated DWI limit (0.16). Attorney Lothstein negotiates plea to DWI-1st offense, Client is saved from mandatory jail, mandatory 3 year license loss, mandatory ignition interlock. Read More
Client, facing DWI prosecution in Concord Circuit Court, retains Attorney Lothstein and goes to trial. Outcome after trial: NOT GUILTY of DWI, guilty of transporting alcoholic beverages in motor vehicle. Read More

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