Maine Drivers Charged with DWI in New Hampshire

Are you a Maine license holder facing a DWI charge in NH?

Lothstein Guerriero PLLC's New Hampshire DWI attorneys have represented many Maine license holders charged with DWI offenses in NH courts. Many of them live in southern Maine but work in NH or engage in recreational activities in NH. Ted Lothstein and Kaylee Doty handle DWI charges in all NH Courts. Richard Guerriero and Oliver Bloom handle DWI charges in Cheshire County (Keene area), and sometimes in Sullivan County (Newport and Claremont area).

Maine – Reciprocity for Administrative Suspensions

Most people facing a DWI charge in a NH Court also receive an official Notice for a 6 month (or sometimes 2 year) administrative suspension, which will begin 30 days after arrest or 30 days after release of a blood test result. Administrative suspensions result from the driver’s refusal to provide a breath or blood test, or from the driver’s test result showing a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher, or from a breath alcohol concentration of .09 or higher.

Historically, Maine has suspended a Maine resident’s driver’s license as a result of an out-of-State administrative suspension. Inevitably, there will be lag time from the date of suspension in NH, until catches up and issues a suspension notice.

Maine – Reciprocity for NH DWI Conviction

If a Maine driver is convicted of DWI in a NH Court, Maine will suspend the driver’s Maine license for a period that depends on how many prior DWI convictions the Maine driver has on her VT DMV record. It should be 150 days for a first offense, with potential for driving with an ignition interlock earlier.

Retain an Experienced, Skilled New Hampshire DWI Defense Attorney

This page is intended to convey information about the collateral consequences of DWI arrests and convictions, not legal advice. Collateral consequences are subject to change at any time as a result of changes in statutes and administrative regulations. You should hire an experienced, skilled DWI defense attorney to receive accurate legal advice that is tailored to the specific facts and circumstances of your case.