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Plymouth State's Contempt for Free Speech Rights Now National News

PSU’S SHAME A while back on this page, I wrote about the disgraceful actions of Plymouth State University in shaming and punishing faculty members for exercising their fundamental constitutional right to freedom of speech, freedom of thought, a… Read More
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DWI Checkpoints Coming to Portsmouth this Week

How much does a night out on the town in Portsmouth cost these days? This week, it may cost many thousands of dollars. The NH State Police have announced that they will be using federal funds to conduct a DWI Roadblock somewhere in the Portsmouth are… Read More
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Legislature Eliminates Captured Sample Requirement

The Governor has signed Senate Bill 379, which eliminates the long-standing requirement that Intoxilyzer breath testing machines in police departments capture a preserved sample of the subject’s breath. For decades, our clients have sent these… Read More
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US Supreme Court Says No to Suspicionless Detentions

In an important decision today, a 6-3 majority of the United States Supreme Court held that a police officer must release a motorist after the officer has resolved the underlying purpose of the motor vehicle stop. Rodriguez v. United States (US Supre… Read More
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Marijuana Laws in New Hampshire

John Maher: I am John Maher, and I’m here today with Ted Lothstein with the law office of Lothstein Guerriero with offices in Concord and Keene, New Hampshire. Lothstein Guerriero represents people charged with crime around the state New Hampsh… Read More
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Protecting our Right to Privacy: Attorneys make use of both the Federal and New Hampshire’s Constitution

Which protects us more – the New Hampshire Constitution, or the Federal Constitution? Both Constitutions go back to the founding days of our nation. The NH Constitution came first, ratified in 1784. The Bill of Rights to the United States Const… Read More
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FBI distributes child pornography to ensnare website visitors

Can it be true that our own government is now in the business of selling child porn on the web? Most people would not be surprised to learn that the FBI, with judicial authorization, can seize and shut down a child pornography website. After all, chi… Read More
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NH Supreme Court - Narrows Scope of Exclusionary Rule

04/22/2008. Court Narrows Scope of the Exclusionary Rule. State v. Joseph Panarello, No. 2007-554 (2008). This decision resolves a classic conundrum regarding the scope of the exclusionary rule. When the police violate someone’s constitutional… Read More
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