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Medical Marijuana Laws

New Hampshire Medical Cannabis / Marijuana Law- Overview NH has a limited medical marijuana law that is more restrictive than the laws of most States that have enacted protections for medical marijuana users. The primary limitations are: The patient… Read More

Driving after Certification as an Habitual Offender

When a person drives a vehicle anywhere in NH after being certified as an Habitual Offender, in most instances they will face a prosecution for the Special Felony called Operating after Certification as an Habitual Offender. What is a Habitual Offend… Read More

Theft Offenses

In New Hampshire, theft cases fall into two general categories: felony thefts, where the felony status is based on the value of the property stolen, or recidivism; and misdemeanor theft cases. And thefts can be charged in many different ways, based o… Read More

Drug Cases - Sales, Conspiracies

Ted Lothstein and Richard Guerriero have represented many clients charged with felony and misdemeanor drug crimes in NH’s District Courts, and Superior Courts, throughout the State; and in the United States District Court – NH (federal co… Read More

Drug Possession

Many of our clients face charges for possession of illegal drugs, or possession of prescription drugs without a valid prescription. These charges can be brought in district or superior court, and can be brought as violations, misdemeanors, or felony… Read More

Driving Offenses (other than DWI)

Many of our clients face charges for driving offenses such as Conduct after an Accident (leaving the scene or otherwise not reporting an accident) Driving after Certification as an Habitual Offender Driving with a suspended license Vehicular assault… Read More

Domestic Violence Allegations

The Offense of “Domestic Violence” Under New Hampshire law, certain crimes are classified under the “Domestic Violence” charging label if committed against a “family or household member or intimate partner.” These… Read More

Issuing Bad Checks and Check Forgery

Does your case involve an allegation that you issued a bad check, or committed forgery in relation to the negotiation of a check? In either scenario, a check is involved in the alleged criminal conduct. But these offenses fall under different laws an… Read More