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Suppression Motion Saves Client from Mandatory Jail Time and More!

Charlestown Police Department stop Client after observing what they believe to be suspicious behavior in a neighborhood that had multiple burglaries in recent weeks, and charge Client with Aggravated DWI based on breath test over .16. After Attorney Lothstein files motion to suppress the stop, prosecutor gives Client opportunity to plead guilty to reckless operation, and dismisses the Aggravated DWI charge, saving Client from mandatory jail time, mandatory minimum one year license revocation, mandatory ignition interlock for one year! Read More

Infirmities in Breathalyzer Procedure Means No DWI Conviction

In Claremont District Court, Client, under arrest for DWI, submits to Intoxilyzer 5000EN breath test and blows a 0.15 breath test – just a hundred of a percent below the level for an Aggravated DWI! She hires Ted Lothstein, who finds infirmities in the breath testing procedure and secures a plea to Reckless Driving. Result: 0.15 breath test, no New Hampshire DWI conviction! Read More

Lothstein Negotiates Misdemeanor DWI in Lieu of Felony DWI Despite Incriminating Blood Tests

In Claremont District Court, Client faced aggravated felony DWI charge. This arose out of motor vehicle accident that caused passenger to suffer a compound fracture of a bone in his arm. Despite incriminating blood alcohol tests, Attorney Lothstein, a DUI lawyer in NH, secured dismissal of felony DWI charge in a negotiated plea that allowed Client to plead guilty to a first offense low level misdemeanor DWI with a six month loss of license. This saved Client from mandatory jail time, mandatory 7 day treatment program, mandatory minimum one year license revocation, and mandatory ignition interlock requirement. Read More

No Jail Time, No Ignition Interlock Program, 80 Percent Reduction in License Loss

In Claremont District Court, Client faced a charge of DWI, 2d Offense. Attorney Lothstein secured a plea to a reduced charge, DWI-1st Offense, which saved Client from mandatory jail and mandatory ignition interlock program, and cut his license loss down from 5 years to 1 year, an 80 percent reduction! Read More