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Motion to Suppress Evidence of Vehicle Stop Results in Dismissal of DWI Charge

Concord Police Officer stops Client and charges Client with DWI after observing Client drive in circles late at night, seemingly lost, with a plate light out. Attorney Lothstein files motion to suppress the vehicle stop. Subsequently, prosecutor gives Client the opportunity to plead to a lesser offense, with the DWI dismissed. This plea saves Client’s commercial driver’s license. An administrative hearing convened to suspend Client’s commercial driver’s license for one year results in no suspension at all because Client did not get convicted of DWI, and did not sustain a DWI administrative suspension. Read More

Drug Possession Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor: No Jail Time, No Probation

Concord District Court. Client, a college student, charged with felony possession of controlled drug. Prosecution reduces charge to misdemeanor, no jail time, no probation. Read More

Domestic Assault Charge — "Continued Without a Finding"

Concord District Court. On the morning of trial where Client faces domestic assault charge, prosecutor offers a “continued without a finding” disposition. Assuming Client satisfies certain rehabilitative conditions, Client will haveno conviction, will have no criminal record, and will avoid federal lifetime ban on gun ownership for domestic assault convictions. Read More

DWI Goes Away

The State Police charged Client with DWI in the 6th Circuit - District Division - Concord Court. Attorney Lothstein secured a plea to Negligent Operation, with a $500 fine; and as part of the plea, Client accepted the 6 month administrative suspension. No DWI, no criminal record, and the resulting offense does not even require Client to be a probationary driver for five years, like some other major motor vehicle offenses! Read More

Two DWIs Go Away in One Day!

In the 6th Circuit – District Division – Concord Court, Ted Lothstein represented Client, charged by the State Police with Underage DWI, an offense that carries a mandatory minimum one year license revocation, AND Transportation of Marijuana, which carries an additional 60 day mandatory license revocation. Lothstein secured a plea to Reckless Operation – cutting his license suspension time in half (to 6 months), and avoiding a DWI conviction. The marijuana charge was referred to the FAST program, an alternative disposition program in Concord that allows people charged with first-offense drug possession and other offenses to get their charges dismissed after completing the program. So, Client now has an opportunity to avoid a DWI, and avoid a drug conviction, and avoid having any criminal record.That same day, in the 2d Circuit – District Division – Lebanon Court, Ted Lothstein represented Client, who was similarly charged with both DWI and Possession of Controlled Drug (Marijuana). Lothstein secured a plea toReckless Operation, with a total license suspension of 8 months (including the ALS), with the DWI charge dismissed, AND the drug charge dismissed! Read More

One DWI Dismissed, Another DWI Gets Lower Penalty

Two clients in 6th Circuit Concord District Court. Client 1, charged with DWI by the Concord Police Department, reaches agreement where she receives the minimum penalty under law for DWI and the 6-month administrative suspension is dismissed. Client 2, charged with DWI by the Concord Police Department, secures a plea to Reckless Operation, with a 60 day license loss – DWI dismissed. Read More

No Criminal Record, DWI Dismissed

Client charged with DWI by the State Police in the Concord District Court. Client hires Ted Lothstein and secures plea to Reckless Operation – no criminal record, DWI dismissed. Read More

CDL Saved, Successful Plea to Negligent Operation

Client faces charge of DWI in Concord District Court brought by the New Hampshire State Police. He blew a .08 breath test, and if convicted of DWI, would lose his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) for one year. Attorney Lothstein secures plea to Negligent Operation, with a 30-day license loss. CDL saved, DWI dismissed. Read More

Client Blew Over Legal Limit, DWI Dismissed

Epsom, NH Police charged Client with DWI. Client – who blew over the legal limit – prevails on the merits in the administrative license suspension hearing – no 180-day suspension. Then, in 6th Circuit District Division Concord Court, Attorney Lothstein obtains a plea agreement for Client – a plea to Negligent Operation with a 15-day license suspension – DWI dismissed! Read More

DWI Dismissed, Client's CDL Saved!

6th Circuit – District Division – Concord Court, NH. Concord Police Department charges Client with DWI. Client holds a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and stands to lose it for one year upon conviction. Attorney Lothstein obtains a plea agreement where the 180 day ALS suspension is dismissed and the DWI is dismissed – Client pleads guilty to Reckless Operation with a 60-day license suspension. This saves client’s CDL! Read More