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Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

New London (now Newport) District Court. The State charged Client with domestic violence simple assault, based on his girlfriend’s accusations to police — and despite her almost immediate recantation of those accusations. On the day of trial, when Client made clear that he would not plead guilty to any charge, the State elected to drop the charges altogether. Case dismissed! Read More

Witness Tampering and Domestic Assault Charges — Dismissed

Newport District Court. Attorney Ted Lothstein convinces Merrimack County Attorney’s Office and State Police to dismiss felony witness tampering and misdemeanor domestic assault charges against Client. At the outset of the case, the complainant brought a restraining order in Newport District Court. Attorney Lothstein cross-examined client’s accuser, spotlighted multiple contradictions in her story, exposed her motive of revenge for a failed relationship, and persuaded a district court judge to dismiss the restraining order she brought against Client.No restraining order, no lifetime ban on gun ownership, no felony, no criminal charges at all – 100% exonerated. Read More

Domestic Assault Charge — "Continued Without a Finding"

Concord District Court. On the morning of trial where Client faces domestic assault charge, prosecutor offers a “continued without a finding” disposition. Assuming Client satisfies certain rehabilitative conditions, Client will haveno conviction, will have no criminal record, and will avoid federal lifetime ban on gun ownership for domestic assault convictions. Read More