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Conviction for Felony Fraud Overturned

Conviction: Felony Fraud committed against a nursing home.Read the Court’s Decision Overturning the Conviction. State v. Huffman, 154 N.H. 678, 918 A.2d 1279 (2007). Read More

Just Trials for Defendants Accused of White Collar Crime

The Court agreed with Ted Lothstein that it would be unfair and prejudicial to combine into one jury trial, 15 separate instances of alleged fraud perpetrated by a substance abuse center.Ted’s victory on appeal made the national White Collar Crime Reporter and cemented his reputation as a major influencer among appeal attorneys in New Hampshire.Read the Court’s Decision: Petition of the State of N.H. (Joseph San Giovanni),154 N.H. 671, 919 A.2d 762 (2007). Read More