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Two Successful Results: Clients Both Avoid Felony DWI Convictions

In Littleton District Court, Client 1 charged with DWI-2d Offense, retains Ted Lothstein’s services. First, we win the ALS hearing on the merits (avoiding a consecutive 2-year license suspension). Then, at the time of trial, we secure a plea to a class B misdemeanor entitled “Reckless Conduct” which is not a motor vehicle offense – DWI-2d dismissed! This overall outcome saves Client 1 from a total five-year license revocation, mandatory jail time, mandatory 7-day residential program, and the mandatory ignition interlock program. Instead Client 1 receives no suspension of his driver’s license whatsoever! ALSO: Client 2 faces charge of felony DWI in Grafton County Superior Court. Attorney Lothstein secures a plea to a misdemeanor DWI offense. Result: Client 2 does not become a convicted felon, avoiding all the long-term stigma and civil disabilities associated with that status. Read More