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Operating After Certification as Habitual Offender Charge Reduced to a Misdemeanor

Hillsborough Superior Court (North). Client faced a felony charge of Operating After Certification as an Habitual Offender, which carries a mandatory minimum one year jail sentence. Ted Lothstein, at the final pretrial, persuaded the prosecution to agree to drop the felony charge, and allow Client to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge carrying far less jail time. Read More

Conspiracy to Commit Burglary Reduced to Misdemeanor Criminal Trespass — No Jail Time

Hillsborough Superior Court (North). Client faced charges of conspiracy to commit burglary, and burglary of a residential home, in a case where one of the co-conspirators directed her actions by telephone from his home – the New Hampshire State Prison. Represented by Ted Lothstein, Client secured an agreement where she was allowed to plead guilty only to misdemeanors alleging criminal trespass, and she served no jail time. She avoided the stigma and collateral consequences – including lifetime gun ownership prohibition – of becoming a convicted felon. Read More

Felony Marijuana Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor — No Jail Time, No Probation

Hillsborough North Superior Court. Prosecution drops felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute charge against Client, allows her to plead to misdemeanor. Client serves no jail time, no probation. Read More