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Major Motor Vehicle Charge Reduced to Minor Infraction

Manchester District Court. Teenage client faced charge of Reckless Operation, a major motor vehicle offense that carries a mandatory 60 day loss of license. On eve of trial, Attorney Lothstein secures plea to a lane violation, a minor motor vehicle infraction (like a speeding ticket), with a 10 day loss of license. Read More

Underage DWI Goes Bye-Bye

The Conway Police Department charged Client in the 3d Circuit - District Division - Conway Court with Underage DWI, a criminal offense that carries a mandatory minimum one year license suspension. Attorney Lothstein, co-counsel with a terrific north country attorney named Ed Alkalay (read more here), secures a plea to Reckless Operation. This shortens the license suspension to 8 months (taking into account the ALS) and saves the young Client from having a criminal record! Read More

Two DWIs Go Away in One Day!

In the 6th Circuit – District Division – Concord Court, Ted Lothstein represented Client, charged by the State Police with Underage DWI, an offense that carries a mandatory minimum one year license revocation, AND Transportation of Marijuana, which carries an additional 60 day mandatory license revocation. Lothstein secured a plea to Reckless Operation – cutting his license suspension time in half (to 6 months), and avoiding a DWI conviction. The marijuana charge was referred to the FAST program, an alternative disposition program in Concord that allows people charged with first-offense drug possession and other offenses to get their charges dismissed after completing the program. So, Client now has an opportunity to avoid a DWI, and avoid a drug conviction, and avoid having any criminal record.That same day, in the 2d Circuit – District Division – Lebanon Court, Ted Lothstein represented Client, who was similarly charged with both DWI and Possession of Controlled Drug (Marijuana). Lothstein secured a plea toReckless Operation, with a total license suspension of 8 months (including the ALS), with the DWI charge dismissed, AND the drug charge dismissed! Read More

No DWI, No Criminal Record, and Lowered License Suspension

The State Police charge Client in the 6th Circuit District Division Hooksett Court with Underage DWI, and also bring an ALS for refusing a breath test. After a full hearing, the State wins the ALS hearing, so Client has a 6-month suspension. A DWI conviction would bring about a consecutive one-year suspension for a total suspension of 18 months. On the morning of trial, however, Attorney Lothstein secures a plea to Reckless Driving and Unlawful Possession of Alcohol by a Minor. Result? Client has no DWI, no criminal record, and his license suspension is reduced by 6 months. Read More

Underage DWI Dismissed

In Jaffrey-Peterborough Court, Client was charged with Underage DWI after she blew a .10 — five times the legal limit for a driver under 21 years old. She faced a mandatory one year license suspension. Attorney Lothstein filed a motion to suppress and, on the eve of trial, secured a plea to Negligent Operation and Unlawful Possession of Alcohol with a fine and a 90 day license loss. DWI dismissed! Read More

DWI Dismissed, Replaced with Reckless Driving

Client, charged in Newport District Court with Underage DWI, possession of marijuana, and Open Container, faced a mandatory one-year license suspension if convicted of DWI. He retained Ted Lothstein, who prepared for trial, and then secured a plea where the DWI was dismissed and replaced with a reckless driving complaint, reducing Client's overall license suspension to 120 days and saving him from the long-term economic hardship and stigma of a DWI conviction. Read More

No Underage DWI

In Jaffrey-Peterborough District Court, Client, charged with “Underage DWI,” faces 18-month total license suspension. Attorney Lothstein secures plea to “Reckless Driving.” This reduces total license suspension by an entire year and the bottom line is this young person enters adulthood with no DWI conviction! Read More

College Student Avoids Disqualification of Student Loans, Avoids 2 Out of 3 Convictions

The Rindge Police stopped Client and charged Client with underage DWI in New Hampshire (Client blew 6 times the legal limit), transporting and possessing marijuana, and driving with a suspended license, 2d offense. She is a Massachusetts driver, so her fee included free consultation with a Massachusetts RMV expert. After Attorney Lothstein filed a motion to suppress, the prosecutor allowed Client to plead guilty only to the DWI and an additional non-motor vehicle, non-criminal violation. As a result, Client, a college student, avoided being declared an Habitual Offender, avoided conviction on 2 out of 3 major motor vehicle convictions, and avoideddisqualification for student loans for one year (based upon conviction of a drug offense). Read More

Underage DWI Charges Dismissed

In Concord District Court, on the day of trial, prosecution offers and Client accepts plea to reduced charge of reckless driving. DWI charges dismissed! Because it’s an underage DWI, this victory reduces Client’s license loss by 10 months. Read More