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Leaving the Scene of an Accident Charge Placed on File

Laconia District Court. Charge of leaving the scene of an accident placed on file without a finding. Read More

Not Guilty of DWI in Laconia Circuit Court

In the 4th Circuit - District Division - Laconia Court, Ted Lothstein represented Client, charged by the Laconia Police Department with driving while intoxicated, class B misdemeanor. After a full trial, Judge Carroll found Client not guilty of DWI. Vindicated! Read More

DWI Lowered to Reckless Driving

Gilmanton, NH Police charge Client with DWI in the 4th Circuit – District Division – Laconia Court. Attorney Lothstein secures a plea to Reckless Driving, saving Client from having a DWI conviction on his record for 10 years, and saving Client from having to do the onerous and costly Impaired Driver Care Management Program that is required for all DWI convictions. Read More

No Conviction for Aggravated DWI, No Conviction for Transporting Alcohol

Happy Thanksgiving to our Client, who has something special to be thankful for! Alton, NH Police charge Client in the 4th Circuit - District Division - Laconia Court with Aggravated DWI, and Transporting Alcoholic Beverages, based on allegations that client had a .17 BAC and had open alcohol containers in his vehicle. Attorney Lothstein secures negotiated plea to Reckless Driving — no conviction for Aggravated DWI, no conviction for Transporting Alcohol. Client receives a 60 day loss of license and $620 fine. This plea saves Client from mandatory jail time, a mandatory minimum one year license loss (for Aggravated DWI), mandatory one year ignition interlock, and finally, Client does not have to enroll in any programming or educational courses to restore his license. Read More

Client Not Guilty of Boating While Intoxicated

The New Hampshire Marine Patrol files charges against Client in the 4th Circuit District Division Laconia Court: Boating While Intoxicated, and Improper Lighting, on Lake Winnepesaukee. This is a serious case because the penalties for BWI are the same as the penalties for driving while intoxicated. Indeed, because Client refused a breath test after being arrested for BWI, the NH Dept of Safety suspended his driver’s license for 180 days. Client hires New Hampshire Boating while Intoxicated defense lawyer Theodore Lothstein, and takes the case to trial. After a full trial, the Judge finds Client NOT GUILTY of Boating While Intoxicated. The Judge finds Client guilty only of the boating infraction, Improper Lighting, and orders an $80 fine. Thus, Client’s case concludes with no criminal record, no DWI conviction, no further loss of license, and no costly alcohol education classes. Read More

Stopped at a Post-Concert Roadblock – No DWI Conviction

Attorney Lothstein represented a building contractor who faced a DWI charge in the Laconia District Court. This DWI was brought by the New Hampshire State Police after they stopped Client in a “roadblock” following a Meadowbrook Pavilion concert. A DWI conviction would mean a one year loss of his Commercial Driver’s License, which would be devastating to his business, his family and his livelihood. Attorney Lothstein secured a plea where Client served a 90 day suspension of his driver’s license, but did not get a DWI conviction, did not lose his CDL, and still has no criminal record. His testimonial appears here. Read More

DWI Dropped

In Laconia District Court, Client charged with New Hampshire DWI – and blew 0.14 breath test. Prosecution agreed to drop DWI charge and allow Client to plead guilty to reckless driving, 2d offense with a 6 month license loss. Although Client lost commercial driver’s license (CDL) administratively because of the breath test over legal limit, this plea likely saved his long-term career as a commercial vehicle operator. Read More