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Motion to Suppress Traffic Stop Sways Prosecutor

Enfield Police Department stop Client for driving with a seemingly defective headlight, late at night in a neighborhood recently plagued by vandalism. Attorney Lothstein files motion to suppress the stop, and subsequently, prosecutor allows Client to plead guilty to lesser offense, negligent operation. Read More

DWI and Transporting Drugs Both Go Away in Lebanon Circuit Court

The Lebanon Police charged Client in the 2d Circuit – District Division – Lebanon Court with DWI, which carries an absolute minimum 90 day license suspension, AND transporting marijuana, a major motor vehicle offense that carries a mandatory 60 day license suspension. On the brink of trial, the State accepts a negotiated plea where Client pleads guilty only to possession of marijuana, an offense which is not within the motor vehicle code, and pays a fine. No DWI, No Transporting, No License Suspension Whatsoever! Read More

Drug Possession Charge Reduced to Plea to a Non-Criminal Violation

Lebanon District Court. Enfield Police Department charged Client with Possession of Controlled Drug in a Motor Vehicle (marijuana), a major motor vehicle offense and class B misdemeanor crime. Attorney Lothstein secured plea to possession of controlled drug as a non-criminal violation. Client paid a fine, was saved from having a criminal record, and was spared the mandatory 60 day license loss that comes with a conviction for possession in a motor vehicle. Read More

Two DWIs Go Away in One Day!

In the 6th Circuit – District Division – Concord Court, Ted Lothstein represented Client, charged by the State Police with Underage DWI, an offense that carries a mandatory minimum one year license revocation, AND Transportation of Marijuana, which carries an additional 60 day mandatory license revocation. Lothstein secured a plea to Reckless Operation – cutting his license suspension time in half (to 6 months), and avoiding a DWI conviction. The marijuana charge was referred to the FAST program, an alternative disposition program in Concord that allows people charged with first-offense drug possession and other offenses to get their charges dismissed after completing the program. So, Client now has an opportunity to avoid a DWI, and avoid a drug conviction, and avoid having any criminal record.That same day, in the 2d Circuit – District Division – Lebanon Court, Ted Lothstein represented Client, who was similarly charged with both DWI and Possession of Controlled Drug (Marijuana). Lothstein secured a plea toReckless Operation, with a total license suspension of 8 months (including the ALS), with the DWI charge dismissed, AND the drug charge dismissed! Read More

Reckless Operation Plea Avoids DWI and Drug Convictions

Lebanon Police Department charges Client with DWI and Transporting Controlled Drug (Marijuana). Ted Lothstein secures plea to Reckless Operation, with the DWI and Transporting Controlled Drug charges dismissed. Thereby, our firm saves Client from a DWI conviction, and saves him from having a drug conviction on his record.​ Read More

DWI Charge Reduced to Plea to Reckless Operation

Attorney Lothstein represented Client in the Lebanon Circuit Court. The Lebanon Police had charged client with DWI, after he blew a breath test substantially over the legal limit. Attorney Lothstein secured a plea to Reckless Operation and also reached agreement that, after 4 months of license suspension, the State would withdraw the 6 month ALS suspension for blowing over the legal limit. This plea agreement saved Client from having a criminal record, saved him from having a DWI on his record for 10 years, saved him from having to participate in the onerous and costly Impaired Driver Care Management Program, and shortened his license suspension. Further, because Client’s home state of Connecticut does not reciprocate these types of license suspensions (but does reciprocate a DWI suspension), he will have no license suspension in his home State! Attorney Lothstein is licensed to practice in Connecticut and New York, maintains many contacts in these States, and this helps him serve these out-of-state clients. Read More

Successful Plea Means No Criminal Record, No DWI Conviction

Lebanon Police charge Client with Driving While Intoxicated in the 2d Circuit – District Division – Lebanon Court. Client hires Attorney Lothstein, who secures a plea to Reckless Operation, AND an agreement that Client will only have to serve 4 months of the 6 month ALS suspension (for blowing a breath test over .08). This plea means no criminal record for client, no DWI conviction, no IDCMP, and significantly shortens the statutorily-required license suspension as well! Read More

DWI Charge Dismissed

The Hanover, NH Police charge Client in the 2d Circuit District Division Lebanon Court with DWI, and Client also receives a 6-month administrative suspension for a breath test over .08. At trial, the DWI charge is dismissed. No DWI conviction, no costly and elaborate court-ordered educational programs, no fine. Read More

Commercial Driver's License Saved, No DWI

The Canaan, NH Police charge Client in the 2d Circuit - District Division - Lebanon Court with DWI. Client holds a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) — a conviction would cause Client to lose his CDL for one year, a devastating outcome that would destroy his business. Attorney Lothstein obtains a plea to Reckless Driving with a 90-day suspension, saving Client from a DWI and saving his CDL. Read More

DWI Charges Dropped on Constitutional Violation Grounds

In Lebanon District Court, the State Police charged Client with DWI-2d Offense and Aggravated DWI. Attorney Lothstein filed a motion to suppress, contending that the vehicle stop violated Client’s constitutional rights. On the day of trial, the State allowed Client to plead guilty to reckless driving, and dropped the DWI charges. Client avoided mandatory jail time, mandatory 7-day alcohol treatment program, mandatory one-year “ignition interlock”, and the plea reduced her court-imposed license suspension from 36 months to 60 days! Read More