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Plea to Non-aggravated First Offense DWI Negotiated — Absolute Minimum Sentence Under Law

Nashua Police charge Client in the Nashua Circuit Court with Aggravated DWI, based on a .22 blood alcohol concentration (the threshold for Aggravated DWI is .16 BAC or higher), and the State files for a 180 day ALS suspension, because the .22 is far over the legal limit of .08. Client hires Attorney Lothstein, who negotiates a plea to non-aggravated first offense DWI, with the absolute minimum sentence under law – Client may restore license in 90 days – and the State will withdraw the 180 day ALS suspension. This plea saves client from mandatory jail time and a mandatory one year loss of license, both required for Aggravated DWI. Read More

Securing Plea to Reckless Driving Means No DWI

Client charged with DWI in the Nashua Circuit Court – Attorney Lothstein secures plea to reckless driving Read More

Great Outcome: Instead of DWI, Non-criminal Negligent Operation

Client faced a charge of DWI in Nashua District Court. He hired Ted Lothstein, prepared for trial, and on the eve of trial, was offered a plea to Negligent Operation, a non-criminal violation. No DWI, no criminal record, no SR-22, no probationary driver status … a great outcome! Read More

Client Allowed to Plead on Lower Charge

In Nashua District Court, Client charged by Nashua Police with DWI, 2d offense. Faces potential 5-year license loss. Attorney Lothstein cross-examines arresting officer at Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing and wins – no administrative license suspension. Subsequently, prosecution allows Client to plead guilty to reduced charge, DWI-1st offense, avoiding jail, avoiding mandatory ignition interlock, and cutting overall license loss from 5 years to 18 months. Read More