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Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

New London (now Newport) District Court. The State charged Client with domestic violence simple assault, based on his girlfriend’s accusations to police — and despite her almost immediate recantation of those accusations. On the day of trial, when Client made clear that he would not plead guilty to any charge, the State elected to drop the charges altogether. Case dismissed! Read More

Witness Tampering and Domestic Assault Charges — Dismissed

Newport District Court. Attorney Ted Lothstein convinces Merrimack County Attorney’s Office and State Police to dismiss felony witness tampering and misdemeanor domestic assault charges against Client. At the outset of the case, the complainant brought a restraining order in Newport District Court. Attorney Lothstein cross-examined client’s accuser, spotlighted multiple contradictions in her story, exposed her motive of revenge for a failed relationship, and persuaded a district court judge to dismiss the restraining order she brought against Client.No restraining order, no lifetime ban on gun ownership, no felony, no criminal charges at all – 100% exonerated. Read More

DWI Charge Dropped, License Suspension Lowered from 9 Months to 60 Days

The New London Police charge Client in the 5th Circuit District Division Newport Court with DWI. Attorney Lothstein secures a plea to Negligent Operation, a non-criminal motor vehicle infraction, with a 30-day court-ordered license suspension, and the State agrees to withdraw the 6 month ALS, after just 30 days is served. Thus, Client receives no DWI and a total suspension of 60 days, in a case where the worst-case scenario was a DWI conviction and a 9 month total suspension. Read More

State Withdraws ALS, DWI Dismissed

The Grantham Police charge Client with DWI in the 5th Circuit District Division Newport Court, and she also faces a 6-month administrative suspension (ALS). Attorney Lothstein secures a plea agreement where the State withdraws the ALS, and the DWI is dismissed; instead, Client pleads guilty to Reckless Driving. Thus, no DWI, no criminal record, and the total license suspension is 90 days rather than the 9 months she was facing at the outset of litigation. Read More

DWI Dismissed, Replaced with Reckless Driving

Client, charged in Newport District Court with Underage DWI, possession of marijuana, and Open Container, faced a mandatory one-year license suspension if convicted of DWI. He retained Ted Lothstein, who prepared for trial, and then secured a plea where the DWI was dismissed and replaced with a reckless driving complaint, reducing Client's overall license suspension to 120 days and saving him from the long-term economic hardship and stigma of a DWI conviction. Read More