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No Conviction for Aggravated DWI, No Conviction for Transporting Alcohol

Happy Thanksgiving to our Client, who has something special to be thankful for! Alton, NH Police charge Client in the 4th Circuit - District Division - Laconia Court with Aggravated DWI, and Transporting Alcoholic Beverages, based on allegations that client had a .17 BAC and had open alcohol containers in his vehicle. Attorney Lothstein secures negotiated plea to Reckless Driving — no conviction for Aggravated DWI, no conviction for Transporting Alcohol. Client receives a 60 day loss of license and $620 fine. This plea saves Client from mandatory jail time, a mandatory minimum one year license loss (for Aggravated DWI), mandatory one year ignition interlock, and finally, Client does not have to enroll in any programming or educational courses to restore his license. Read More