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DWI Reduced to Plea to Negligent Operation

Pelham police arrest Client for DWI following a traffic stop for weaving. The cruiser video shows that Client did not cross the center line a single time. Client’s DWI is dismissed and Client is allowed to plead guilty to negligent operation, a much less serious offense. Read More

Plea Agreement Means No Criminal Record, No DWI, No IDCMP

The Windham, NH Police arrest Client for DWI, and Client refuses a breath test. Attorney Lothstein obtains a plea agreement in the Salem District Court where Client pleads to reckless operation. No criminal record, no DWI, no IDCMP. Read More

DWI Criminal Charge Dismissed in Favor of Speeding violation and $103 Fine

Salem District Court, NH. Pelham Police charge Client with DWI and initiate administrative license revocation (180-day suspension) proceeding. Attorney Lothstein files Motion to Suppress in Court, and then obtains plea agreement where DWI is dismissed, AND ALS suspension is dismissed. Client pleads guilty to speeding and pays a $103 fine. Read this client’s on-line review Read More

Client Saved from Becoming a Habitual Offender

In the Salem District Court, Attorney Lothstein obtained a negotiated settlement where a DWI was dismissed and Client pled guilty to negligent driving, an offense which carries no license loss. The administrative suspension remained in place. Because negligent driving is not a “major motor vehicle conviction,” this saved Client from becoming an habitual offender! Read More