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4th Amendment Protects Unauthorized Driver of Rental Car

On May 14, 2018, the United States Supreme Court unanimously held that the 4th Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures protects the driver of a rental car, even if the driver was not listed as an authorized driver on the rental agr… Read More
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Rogue Cop-Bully in Utah Makes National Headlines

There is a rarely-used doctrine in constitutional law that says that a police officer violates a person’s constitutional rights if the officer’s conduct “shocks the conscience.” In other words, does something really, really ba… Read More
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Taxpayer-Funded DWI Roadblocks Come Up Empty

Waste of Taxpayer Dollars or Successful Deterrence? The Concord Monitor reported today that last week’s taxpayer-funded DWI Roadblock in Chichester, a joint effort between the State Police and Chichester Police, resulted in zero arrests. This… Read More
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Victim of Over-Militarized Police Strikes Back

The Tragic Death of an Innocent Man Eurie A. Stamps was an innocent, 68-year old man living in a Framingham, Massachusetts home also occupied by suspected drug dealers. On January 5, 2011, he was in his pajamas, watching a basketball game on TV. A S… Read More
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An End to Drunk Driving?

Could a new touch sensor device for installation in automobiles, championed by NHTSA officials, put an end to drunk driving? NHTSA Champions New BAC Sensing Technology Yesterday,a Washington Post article reported that federal officials have endorse… Read More
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US Supreme Court Says No to Suspicionless Detentions

In an important decision today, a 6-3 majority of the United States Supreme Court held that a police officer must release a motorist after the officer has resolved the underlying purpose of the motor vehicle stop.  Rodriguez v. United States (US Sup… Read More
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Concord, NH Police Dept Announces DWI ("Sobriety") Checkpoints July 2013

The Concord Police Department has issued a press release, announcing that the Concord Police Department and the “Merrimack County DUI Task Force” will conduct a “Sobriety Checkpoint” starting as soon as this Monday – … Read More
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