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"As a prior client of Ted Lothstein, PLLC Concord, NH., that both Ted Lothstein and I believe we both regard as a very successful outcome to my case.

Before I hired Ted Lothstein I did research on several Attorneys representing criminal cases and I found Ted Lothstein as the best and most successful for representation and case outcome.

My arrest and how I was handled from the beginning certainly was not how I should have been dealt with. There were many aspects of this case surrounding facts, hospital records and a Trooper witness and Prosecutor that saw this case from Ted Lothstein's professional expertise.

The surrounding facts that my husband and myself were in an alcohol related incidence. Not a criminal act, however; self defense, further, That a whiteness falsely stated this incidence as being that I was the aggressor that persuaded my arrest as the officer saw this as facts.

I was frightened beyond belief about the thought of possibly going to prison for five to seven years and just the thoughts of this was overwhelming. In fact, I was unable to be in my home. I was in a detrimental situation of not only becoming homeless but loosing my car and my future.

Ted Lothstein's precision in law is outstanding! He dissects facts clearly and precisely states all the facts so there is no question about the case and the successful outcome. I highly recommend Ted Lothstein as your Attorney."

Note from Attorney Lothstein: This testimonial is exactly as sent by the client. The felony assault charges were brought against the client in January, 2017 in the Merrimack Superior Court. The NH State Police charged this client with Second Degree Assault-a Class B Felony, and after further investigation by Attorney Lothstein and discussions with the prosecutor, the State dismissed the charges against the client, resulting in no conviction.

Attorney Ted Lothstein represented my daughter in Hillsborough County Superior Court-North in April 2016. She was facing three assault charges. Ted worked very hard and was well prepared for the case. He was tough and aggressive but always managed stay calm and respectful. He did his job well without alienating the judge or members of the jury. It was a complicated and confusing case, but Ted manage to get the jury to understand the facts. If convicted of any of the charges my daughter was facing large fines and possible jail time.The jury deliberated less than an hour before returning a unanimous not guilty verdict on all three charges. If any of my family or friends ever need legal representation I would definitely recommend they retain Ted.
T. Jones

When our son was arrested for a serious crime, Richard Guerriero was recommended to us by two independent sources. At the initial consultation we knew immediately that he was the right person to defend our son. As well as being an experienced and skilled attorney, we found him to be straightforward, ethical, responsive, and caring. We were also pleased that he was upfront and fair about his fees.

Even though it was a first offense and our son had never been in trouble with the law before, the nature of the charges could have resulted in a very lengthy prison sentence. Attorney Guerriero worked diligently with the prosecutor to get the amount of time reduced to below the statutory minimum. While we were at times impatient with the process and delay in getting information, we soon realized that Attorney Guerriero was true to his word to take things one step at a time and keep us informed as soon as he could. He is conservative and cautious about expectations, never promising more than he can deliver. However, in our son’s case, he delivered more than we could have expected or hoped for.

– Carol and David E.

In March of 2014 my life was about to change forever. I had been charged with a Class A Felony for embezzlement. I was scared, devastated and did not know where to turn. I was highly recommended to Attorney Theodore Lothstein by another lawyer who did not have the ability to take on my case. I am so glad that I followed up on that lead and called him. His professionalism, compassion and understanding went well beyond what I could ever hope for. From the very first meeting, he fully explained each step of the process of the case and he answered all my many questions and concerns.

The stress of not knowing what your future holds is overwhelming, however, both Attorney Lothstein and his staff not only treated me with respect, but they followed up on my numerous requests and kept me and my family informed throughout the entire process. They managed to make a very stressful period in our lives more bearable.

I was facing 7-1/2 to 15 years in prison for my crime and Attorney Lothstein worked tirelessly on my defense and he managed to get my sentence reduced to a cap plea of 90 days in jail to be served on weekends. Without his expertise, impressive skills and his knowledge of case law, I would not be able to hold onto my job, take care of my family or have the ability to continue paying off my restitution. I would highly recommend Attorney Lothstein to anyone in need of a highly skilled professional defense attorney.

– L.W. - 01/29/2015