"I consulted with and was told by 2 different lawyers that I had no case and that a DWI conviction was GUARANTEED . I then spoke with Mr. Lothstein and hired his services on the spot. His exceptional knowledge on DWI law and police procedure was evident immediately. In the end Mr. Lothstein got the DWI charges dropped and I pled guilty to a reckless driving. Best phone call I ever made."

  • Benjamin, Testimonial provided 1/31/2018, Case in Seabrook District Court, Seabrook NH

My son was arrested for DUI in NH. He was underage and refused the breathalyzer and field sobriety tests. We are from out of state and knew he needed a lawyer but didn’t know who to turn to. We are grateful that we found Attorney Ted Lothstein. As soon as we contacted him, he responded promptly and explained the situation and all of my son’s options. He made the process easy for us with clear explanations, instructions and honest expectations. Being located out of state was a concern but we were easily able to conduct business through phone, text messages, email and my son was able to appear at his hearing via web cam so he didn’t miss any of his college classes. Most importantly, Attorney Lothstein did an excellent job preparing and presenting the case in court with the optimal result of a not guilty verdict! My son and I are greatly relieved that his arrest record will be annulled and are very appreciative of Attorney Lothstein’s hard work and expertise.

  • Note from Attorney Lothstein: This testimonial is exactly as sent by client's mother, unedited. The trial occurred in May, 2016 in the Keene Circuit Court. The Keene Police Department charged this young client with DWI, and after trial, Judge Burke found the defendant not guilty.

I was charged in the Keene District Court with driving under the influence, Speeding, and a lane violation – crossing the center line. I had refused the breath test. I hired Richard Guerriero. He was very “realistic” with me. No promises or false hope, just the truth, which I appreciated.

Richard was very prompt in getting me the police report, my hearing, and everything else needed to win my hearing for my ALS, forcing the State to offer a plea bargain. He got me a plea bargain where the DUI was dropped and I was convicted only of minor traffic offenses, speeding and the lane violation!

– T.H.

I was stopped in a roadblock when coming home from a night out with my wife. I refused a breath test, and I was charged with DWI in the Laconia District Court. I have a CDL (commercial driver’s license), and depend on it for my livelihood, as a building contractor. I knew that if I lost my license because of the refusal of the breath test, or because of a DWI conviction, I would lose my CDL for a whole year, which would destroy my business, and would be devastating to my family.

I hired Ted Lothstein to defend me, and he did a great job. He got me out of the refusal suspension, and got me out of the DWI – this saved my CDL. Instead, I was only convicted of reckless operation, which is a traffic violation; I lost my regular driver’s license for 90 days, but did not lose my CDL. I would urge any person charged with DWI in NH, to speak with Ted Lothstein before they make the decision who to hire as their lawyer.

– E.M.