Client Thankful for Not Losing Her License after Reckless Driving Arrest

Dear Ted,
I can’t thank you enough for your help in having a favorable outcome. I am not sure what you and Mr. [Prosecutor] discussed but I know that what ever it was, was to my advantage. You have been so supportive in this whole ordeal and now I can finally step back, take a deep breathe and go on with my life. The past few months have been stressful to say the least. You’re an excellent lawyer and person. Hopefully our paths will not cross again on a criminal issue. I would definitely recommend you to anyone. Your professional attitude was what made me hire you for my case. Please thank Emily for me for all the times she answered my questions and concerns as well. You definitely have a wonderful practice. The world needs more caring people like you in the justice system.
Note from Attorney Lothstein: this Client was charged by the Belmont Police Department with Reckless Operation in the Laconia District Court. If convicted, she would have lost her license for 60 days. Instead, in March, 2016, she pled to a minor motor vehicle violation, paid a $124 fine, and did not lose her license at all. As always, all testimonials are displayed with the client's express consent and are reproduced as received, never edited for content.