Richard Guerriero delivered more than we could have expected or hoped for.

When our son was arrested for a serious crime, Richard Guerriero was recommended to us by two independent sources. At the initial consultation we knew immediately that he was the right person to defend our son. As well as being an experienced and skilled attorney, we found him to be straightforward, ethical, responsive, and caring. We were also pleased that he was upfront and fair about his fees.

Even though it was a first offense and our son had never been in trouble with the law before, the nature of the charges could have resulted in a very lengthy prison sentence. Attorney Guerriero worked diligently with the prosecutor to get the amount of time reduced to below the statutory minimum. While we were at times impatient with the process and delay in getting information, we soon realized that Attorney Guerriero was true to his word to take things one step at a time and keep us informed as soon as he could. He is conservative and cautious about expectations, never promising more than he can deliver. However, in our son’s case, he delivered more than we could have expected or hoped for.