Ted Lothstein saved my CDL.

I was stopped in a roadblock when coming home from a night out with my wife. I refused a breath test, and I was charged with DWI in the Laconia District Court. I have a CDL (commercial driver’s license), and depend on it for my livelihood, as a building contractor. I knew that if I lost my license because of the refusal of the breath test, or because of a DWI conviction, I would lose my CDL for a whole year, which would destroy my business, and would be devastating to my family.

I hired Ted Lothstein to defend me, and he did a great job. He got me out of the refusal suspension, and got me out of the DWI – this saved my CDL. Instead, I was only convicted of reckless operation, which is a traffic violation; I lost my regular driver’s license for 90 days, but did not lose my CDL. I would urge any person charged with DWI in NH, to speak with Ted Lothstein before they make the decision who to hire as their lawyer.