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DWI Roadblock Announced for Bow, NH

Yet Another DWI Roadblock The NH State Police have announced a so-called “DWI Checkpoint” for “the week of September 10, 2017.” Most of the time, the announcement of a DWI checkpoint during a week that begins with a Sunday, tu…
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DWI Roadblocks in Chichester this week

DWI ROADBLOCK ON ROUTE 4 or 28? If you would like to learn more about the criminal justice process from an insider’s view: drive on Route 4 or Route 28 this week with alcohol or drugs on board. Chichester Police and the NH State Police have ann…
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State Police Announce 'Operation Arrest Dad'

Dads Beware! June 19 is Father’s Day, right? Well, dad would be well advised to forgo traditional Father’s Day activities such as enjoying a couple beers on the golf course or at a BBQ at Fort Foster, Newcastle Beach, etc. ,,, because Tro…

US Supreme Court Considers Retroactivity of Ruling Which Bars Automatic Life Sentences for Juveniles

The US Supreme Court hears an especially important oral argument today in the case of Montgomery v. Louisiana.  Richard Guerriero has litigated this issue in the New Hampshire Superior Courts and New Hampshire Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court rul…
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Appellate Advocacy Seminar Featured in NH Bar News

On April 8, 2015, Ted Lothstein of Lothstein Guerriero, PLLC and Doreen Connor of the Primmer Law Firm served as co-chairs and faculty members at the NH Bar Association Continuing Legal Education Committee’s Appellate Advocacy seminar.  All fi…
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Win on Appeal for Lothstein Guerriero!

Today, the New Hampshire Supreme Court reversed convictions for Possession of Controlled Drugs with Intent to Distribute, and Manufacturing Marijuana. State v. Stephen Socci, No. 2013-182 (N.H. July 8, 2014). This is the first appellate win for the f…
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State by State Marijuana Laws

Today, WMUR’s website tells us where to get good weed. OK, not quite, but the website does provide a State by State overview of what States have legalized marijuana, and what States have legalized medical marijuana, with some details and some p…
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Portsmouth NH DWI Roadblocks Detain 175 Innocent Motorists

Earlier this week on our Blog, I warned about NH DWI roadblocks coming this weekend to Portsmouth, NH.  This morning, the Portsmouth Herald reported that the NH DWI roadblock ensnared 179 people, all of whom were detained without reasonable suspicio…
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Challenging Mandatory Life Sentences For Juveniles Who Commit Murder

In the 2012 case of Miller v. Alabama, the US Supreme Court held that the 8th Amendment bars mandatory life without parole sentences for juveniles who commit murder.  The court did not say that such sentences were barred in every case.  Instead the…
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New Hampshire's 2013 Changes to DWI Sentencing Laws - 3d Installment

It is now mid-February and New Hampshire’s new DWI sentencing laws, which became effective on January 1, 2013, are in full swing.  I have updated my website to summarize all of these changes – you can read about the changes in the law he…
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