State Police Announce 'Operation Arrest Dad'

Dads Beware!

June 19 is Father's Day, right? Well, dad would be well advised to forgo traditional Father's Day activities such as enjoying a couple beers on the golf course or at a BBQ at Fort Foster, Newcastle Beach, etc. ,,, because Troop A of the State Police have announced that they will run a DWI Roadblock in the Portsmouth area the week of June 19.

DWI Roadblocks - Often Challenged in Court

A page on our website further discusses the legality and constitutionality of DWI Roadblocks. While generally lawful, DWI cases arising out of roadblocks are often very defensible in court, because unlike most DWIs, the typical "roadblock" DWI does not involve any observation of erratic driving by the police. Instead, the police are simply pulling over people at random, even when there is no evidence of impaired operation.

DWI Roadblocks Target Tourists

Last week, we warned visitors to our site that the State Police had announced a DWI roadblock targeting Laconia Motorcycle Week (which is this week). Now, we have a DWI roadblock that may occur in the heavily touristed seacoast area on Father's Day. No wonder our State is known throughout New England by the sardonic slogan:

"New Hampshire - Arrive on Vacation, Leave on Probation."

-- Ted Lothstein