DWI Roadblocks in Chichester this week


If you would like to learn more about the criminal justice process from an insider's view: drive on Route 4 or Route 28 this week with alcohol or drugs on board.

Chichester Police and the NH State Police have announced that they will conduct a DWI "Checkpoint" (Roadblock) sometime this week.

They will stop and detain hundreds of drivers without suspicion of any wrongdoing whatsoever.

Chances are, the roadblock will be on Route 4 or Route 28, the two major roads that run through Chichester.

If they smell weed, someone's getting arrested and possibly facing a 60 day license suspension.

If they smell alcohol, a lengthy detention, DWI investigation, and possible arrest will follow.

So if you are heading into Concord or Laconia for dinner and drinks, or to Concord for Market Days this weekend, use a designated driver, leave the weed home, and stay safe!

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-- Ted Lothstein

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